Monday, January 19, 2009

surgery date set

Today we went to the doctor and learned all about my hip surgery. It will be a total hip replacement . the procedure takes about 2 hrs. to do, from the time they take me in it will be about 5 hrs. till I'll be in my room. From what he said they do a 6 to 7 inch incision on the side of my hip LEFT SIDE . The day after my surgery they get me up and I have therapy twice that day and the next. If things go well I'll be in the hospital 3 to 4 days. After that hopefully it will be all up hill and lots of hell to go thru. It's pretty scary to me but I sure things will go allright.
We had Kimber stay with us over the weekend. She needed a little time away from her big btother and just to have a little time to herself. We really enjoyed having her here, it was nice to have a girl to talk to.
We brought the van down from Beckys but we have to have some work done on it, but it will be the best thing for me to get into after my surgery, so we are going to sell the pink car. We should get enough money from it to buy snow tires for the van.


  1. Do you have an actual date? How much rehab do they think you will have to do afterwards?

  2. My friend, Elaine just had a double hip replacement-she's only in her forties! But her rehabilitation has gone great. She now walks a mile a day-simply amazing. You'll do great too! I'll send a get well card-♥

  3. See Mom! It is going to be awesome! I'm glad things are moving along for you. I'm sorry we can't be there to help! We want to help though, so let us know what we can do (specifically about the VAN)