Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life is full of miracles

Today is Sunday and we have Church at 1:00. Dad is at a PEC meeting ,so I thought I would check the blogs I love being able to read all your thoughts and whats been going on in your lives!!!!!
This morning I was thinking about blessing and miracles that happen in our lives , and how when we were younger I knew that we had blessings in our lives but I really did'nt get it! Now that we're OLDER we have so much more quiet time to really ponder and feel the spirit. To realize the hand of the Lord in everything we do and in everyday! When the kids were at home there was always so much to do, from the time we woke up till we went to bed and then of course that was no guarantee. I can remember saying I'm so glad that worked out or that we were able to have that happen but know now that the Lords hand is in every thing we do he is always there to guide and direct us. It is amazing to me how much he loves us and wants us to succeed. As a young convert I remember how I was Always so inpressed with the older member of the Church and how much wisdom they had. I think it's now that they don't have so many distractions that they can feel the spitit so much louder and clearer. I think about the fraise to stop and ponder the scriptures as you read them . I think thats what we need to do at the end of every day to ponder the miracles the Lord have given you if its only been to get through the day.
I know I'm rambling and that this might not make much sense but looking back on my younger life I don't think I stopped enough and pondered what a blessing and miracle each day in my life was. I love our life and our children and grandchildren so much and what a blessing and miracle it is to be surrounded my such great spirit children of my Heavenly Father.


  1. Wow Mom! Thanks. I know I need to stop and ponder more often. Especially while reading the scriptures. It's good to have the reminder. We are so blessed!

    Love you! I'm so glad you are blogging and I can read some of your wisdom!

    By the way... Love the background!

  2. I'm amazed too with life's blessings. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Thanks for the post mom!! you're right, it's so easy to get caught up and forget, I don't take the time to just be still and listen/feel the spirit. Thanks for the reminder!! I love you!

  4. Thanks for listing me as one of your children:D I carry your floral abilities-♥ You know that's my new job at Roberts Crafts? "Floral Designer"

  5. I posted pictures of my wedding today. Thank you for everything you did that week. My heart feels like bursting from gratitude for YOU:) I'll never forget you gushing over my veil (that I made) and helping me in the temple. It still feels like yesterday-♥